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October 24, Thursday | October 25, Friday

Time Function/Session Topics
08:00 Registration / Welcome coffee
  Red room

Opening ceremony
Greeting from Igor Agamirzian, Russian Venture Company

  Red room Yellow room Blue room Gold room

Software Development Service Industry – Latest Trends and Winning Formula
Dmitry Loshchinin, Luxoft

Cloud website speedup: DNS, CDN, FEO
Nikolay Matsievsky, WEBO Software

Adaptive project estimation

Instructor: Maxim Dorofeev, Multiskill.ru

Lightweight Linux Dynamic Libraries Profiling Technique for Embedded Systems
Kirill Krinkin, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University


Lock Manager for own products
Sergey Egorov, Parallels

Video Calling System and Browser for I2P network
Andrey Bodrenko, Volgograd State University


Innovate or Die
James Stikeleather, Dell Services


OpenStack as a public cloud at IBM: lessons learned
Nikolay Marin, IBM

Intel® Developer Zone resources for software developers
Svetlana Emelyanova, Intel

11:20 Coffee break

Agile and SEMAT – Perfect Partners
Ivar Jacobson, Ivar Jacobson International

Java Platform Tradeoffs
Alexey Fyodorov, Oracle

How to teach your kid to program
Dmitry Soshnikov, Microsoft / HSE / MAI

Effective use of UX-research
Natalia Sprogis, Mail.Ru Group


Kotlin vs Java puzzlers
Svetlana Isakova, JetBrains

QReal:Robots — an environment for teaching computer science and robotics in schools
Yurii Litvinov, Saint Petersburg state university

3 practice of creative thinking in the development of user interfaces (UI)
Vladimir Zavertaylov, Sibirix


IT 4.0 – The Opportunity and The Challenge
Dave Thomas, Bedarra Research Labs


Web developer and raw SQL: conflicts and approaches
Philip Torchinsky, JetBrains

Modern challenges in software engineering education in Russia
Yury Kupriyanov, WikiVote!

Testing “tame beast”: tips & tricks for usability testing of mobile apps
Nikita Efimov, 4hmns


Using Cloudify PaaS to accelerate application development
Mikhail Druzhinin, Luxoft, Luxoft Training

14:00 Lunch Press-conference


Implementation of ERA-GLONASS Accident Emergency Response System
Alexander Razgovorov, GLONASS Union; Mikhail Bykov, Luxoft


Discussion section
Mobile Platforms — successful apps development

Moderator: Dmitri Martynov, Google

Section presentations:

· New architecture of mobile applications based on Xamarin technology with examples of Kommersant app for iOS and Android
Vadim Mityakin, Galssoft

· Native software testing for Android
Ilya Vereschagin, Auriga

· Cross-platform mobile applications: typical issues and possible solutions
Alexander Korshak, MERA NN

· NFC and Android OS: on the way to the contactless payments
Igor Khapov, IBM

Software Defined Networks and Virtualization of Network Services: New Challenges for Software Developers
Ruslan Smelyanskiy, Moscow State University

Quality designing
Natalya Rukol, Quality Lab

Dark and Light side of DevOps
Alexander Titov, Express 42


Supercomputer programming – the third literacy
Igor Odintsov, Intel

Total code review. How and why?
Leonid Savchenkov, Deutsche Bank

Panel discussion
Effective cooperation between the state and software development industry

Moderator: Valentin Makarov, RUSSOFT

· Igor Agamirzian, Russian Venture Company
· Eugene Kovnir, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media
· Artem Shadrin, Ministry of Economic Development
· Igor Bogachev, Skolkovo Fund


Evolutionary development of software using the procedural-parametric programming
Alexander Legalov, Siberian Federal University

Browser automation: from tools to the standard
Alexei Barantsev, Software-Testing.Ru

16:40 Coffee break

Section continues

Discussion section
Mobile Platforms — successful apps development

Moderator: Dmitri Martynov, Google

Section presentation:

· High-quality mobile application — criteria for success
Dmitri Martynov, Google

· Vladimir Pavlov, RollApp
· Vadim Mityakin, Galssoft
· Ilya Vereschagin, Auriga
· Alexander Korshak, MERA NN
· Igor Khapov, IBM
· Stas Fomin, ROSA

The Role of Configuration Management in Outsourcing and Distributed Development
Lars Bendix, Lund University

Abstract parsing based on GLR-algorithm
Semyon Grigorev, SPbSU

Open RUSSOFT Members Meeting
Moderator: Valentin Makarov, RUSSOFT


Static Analysis for Dynamic Updates
Jevgeni Kabanov, ZeroTurnaround


Effective Meeting
Damir Tenishev, Return on Intelligence (ex Exigen Services)

Creating WPF Controls
Anatoly Konoplev, Digital Design


Modeling Malware Propagation in Wide Area Networks
Vitaly Antonenko, Applied Research Center for Computer Networks (ARCCN)


It’s not the team…
Alexey Pimenov, Finam

Development of AutoCAD application for calculation of grounding and lightning protection of electric power substations
Dmitry Shishigin, Vologda state technical university


Automating maintenance of Linux software repositories
Denis Silakov, ROSA

18:50 Networking Party

October 24, Thursday | October 25, Friday

Time Function/Session Topics
08:00 Registration / Welcome coffee
  Red room Yellow room Blue room Gold room Green room

LLVM and Clang — Advancing Compilers and Tools
Chris Lattner, LLVM

Gauge for Programmer. Elaboration of software developers efficiency evaluation system.
Valentin Anoprenko, Devexperts

Using F# for Real-time Stream Data Processing: from Twitter and Financial Analytics to Kinect and Leap Motion Sensors
Dmitry Soshnikov, Microsoft / HSE / MAI

Does an outsourcing company have a chance to be good in the area of complex product development?
Nikolay Zapakhalov


Changing for good. Transtheoretical model for developers
Igor Kleiner, InfoWatch

Distributed NoSQL DBMS “Riak”
Andrey Smirnov, Reksoft

Caution! Patent trolls! Theory, practice and a few examples
George Bardmesser, Bardmesser Law Group

Face detection and classification on mobile devices
Igor Markov, Auriga


Fast programs = architecture-specific algorithms and data
Boris Shteinberg, Southern Federal University (Russian Federation)

Consumer Electronics Applications Without User Behavior Analysis? IMPOSSIBLE!
Dmitry Vavilov, T-Systems


Extreme Interview. Hiring for agile environment
Kamil Grabowski, Menlo Innovations

How to make data work on your business?
Irina Maximova, CQG

Patenting interface of a mobile application
Michail Radchenko, SoftPatent

Creating real-time media applications for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Fedor Lyakhov, MERA NN


Software defined networks: myths and reality
Alexandr Shalimov, Applied Research Center for Computer Networks (ARCCN)

10:40 Coffee break

Panel discussion
Students in IT companies

Moderator: Andrey Ivanov, JetBrains, SPbAU RAS

Opening presentation:
· Elite prep school organization: Students in the IT-company
Alexey Kostyushko, Parallels

· Kirill Krinkin, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University
· Alexey Kostyushko, Parallels
· Andrey Terekhov, Saint Petersburg state university
· Ivan Arjantsev, Moscow state university, Yandex
· Alexander Gavrilov, Microsoft Russia, National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”
· Vladimir Itsykson, SPbSPU

Development for mobile devices. Tools from Intel, platform of your choice!
Sergey Lunev, Intel

Feature Branches vs. Continuous Integration
Evgeniy Koshkin, JetBrains

Check, model and check again – three practical suggestions to improve parallel development cycle with Intel tools
Ekaterina Antakova, Intel

Arranging online-sales of your product: travel guide passing repeated mistakes
Olesya Chedleeva, Avangate B.V.


User Agreement / Mistakes and Pitfalls
Sergey Vasiliev, TechTunnel


Large cross-cultural project development under agile
Andrey Dmitriev, Quickoffice

How to adjust pre-commit testing using historical data
Vasiliy Kurkov, Intel

Satisfied Customer of IT solution. The Aim and the Pathway.
Maxim Gvozdev, Lean4systems Group, IAMCP Russia


Gherkin Language as an efficient way to write user story acceptance tests
Olesya Voronovich, Universal Software


WebRTC: Call me from your browser!
Vladimir Beloborodov, MERA NN

Developer’s KPI
Evgenia Firsova, Yandex.Money

Integrated technology for software verification and testing
Vsevolod Kotlyarov, Saint-Petersburg State Politechnic University

Using Wiki and Tracking system to deal with agile requirements (experience report)
Roman Alyoshkin, Acronis


Microsoft Kinect as a driver of innovation interfaces for human-computer interaction
Pavel Korotkiy, Globus


Video Conferencing on a Web Page: Technologies and Prospects
Alexander Ivanenko, Auriga

13:25 Lunch

How To Do Kick-Ass Software Development
Sven Peters, Atlassian

Appling Principle of least astonishment to API development
Andrey Gordienkov, Luxoft Training

Midpoint People
Vladimir Zheleznyak, IT-Boost

KDB+/Q technology usage experience in Deutsche Bank
Andrey Babanin, Deutsche Bank

Project temperature or thermometer usage
Leonid Netrebskiy, ELVEES-NeoTech


Internal services as a product
Evgeny Vinogradov, Yandex.Money


Agile & Lean Transformation in 100+ Projects
Nikita Filippov, Scrumtrek

Experience of using Chef in highload projects with need to be autoscallable
Dmitriy Lavrinenko, Luxoft, Luxoft Training

Developers vs Support. No! Developers & Support.
Lilia Gorbachik, Kofax

Performance Test Driven Development
Alexey Ragozin, Deutsche Bank

The strategy of software development in R&D company
Ruslan Martimov, SPb Vega


Good enough software. When to stop?
Damir Tenishev, Return on Intelligence (ex Exigen Services)


Complex system design without conflict
Dmitriy Dzyuba, NVision Group

Startups in the Amazon Web Services – the subtleties, pitfalls, recipes
Aleksander Serbul, 1C-Bitrix

Whose bread the analysts eat?
Larisa Melikhova, T-Systems

To combine tight releases schedule and high-quality testing. How?
Alexey Nadenenko, Sberbank Technologii LLC, Minsk

Project manager’s professional responsibility
Vladimir Fofana, Action Learning


Using meta-modelling to forecast software development project characteristics
Vladimir Itsykson, SPbSPU

16:00 Coffee break

Pitch Perfect – How to Make Your Company Attractive for Acquisition
Dmitri Dubograev, FEMIDA.US

“Mine Your Own Business” — Using Process Mining to Turn Big Data into Real Value
Wil van der Aalst, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, PAIS Lab, NRU HSE

Migration of the project from .NET to PHP technology – practical experience and recommendations
Mikhail Ershov, First Line Software

Quality Audit in SCRUM-project or Continuous Improvement of Continuous Integration
Nadezhda Evstifeeva, ARRIS St.Petersburg Software Center (former Motorola Mobility)

From theory to practical skills: one of the ways to develop professional
Sergey Atroschenkov, VIAcode


Experience in the organizing labs for e-learning courses
Dmitry Kiryanov, Polybook Multimedia JSC


Panel discussion
How to launch local startup to global market?

Moderator: Nick Puntikov, First Line Software

· Natalya Kaspersky, InfoWatch
· Dmitry Chikhachev, Runa Capital
· Dmitri Dubograev, FEMIDA.US
· Ilya Antipov, RIS Ventures
· Vladimir Pavlov, RollApp
· Alexey Polunin, IBM

Universal approach to monitoring of objects of any nature
Slava Vasilyev, Krasnyi Ugol LLC

Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Company with Distributed and Multidimensional Teams: How to Improve?
Emma Danielyan, CQG

In search of new tools to attract students
Iakov Kirilenko, Saint Petersburg State University


DPMine/P: modeling and process mining language and a ProM plug-in
Sergey Shershakov, PAIS Lab, NRU HSE

Enchancing the team work effectiveness for the QA engineers
Inna Smirnova, Reksoft


Migration of the ERP-system from client-server architecture to web and mobile applications (AIST in the Clouds)
Michael Lebedinsky, Termopal Ltd., Odessa

Business processes engineering in the IT department of a large coupon service
Igor Arkhipov, Kaspersky Lab

Intelligent Tutoring System “Volga”: Lessons Learned
Natalia Smirnova, Institute of Control Sciences RAS


Constructing BPMN-models from Casual-nets
Nikita Gundobin, PAIS Lab, NRU HSE


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