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Regular talks

Nikolay Zapakhalov|Николай Запахалов

Nikolay Zapakhalov

Does an outsourcing company have a chance to be good in the area of complex product development?

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The approaches used to facilitate company success in outsourcing business do not work when there is a need to create complicated products in a highly ambiguous situation.

Fedor Lyakhov|Федор Ляхов

Fedor Lyakhov

Creating real-time media applications for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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Virtual desktop infrastructure gains popularity among enterprise IT-solutions replacing traditional desktops in many…


Skolkovo for IT startups

  1. The role of the The Skolkovo Innovation Center in the formation and development of IT companies
  2. Directions-Forsytes of IT Cluster
  3. Conditions of entry
  4. The benefits of participation
Sven Peters|Свен Питерс

Sven Peters

How To Do Kick-Ass Software Development

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With Kick-Ass Software Development you actually get stuff done. Feedback cycles are short, code quality is awesome and…


Integrated technology for software verification and testing

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This paper devoted to technology and software tools which allow automating of full cycle of software development from…

Ruslan Smelyanskiy|Руслан Смелянский

Ruslan Smelyanskiy

Software Defined Networks and Virtualization of Network Services: New Challenges for Software Developers

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Software Defined Network, SDN is an approach to computer networking which abstracts the hardware of the system, the…

Nikolay Marin|Николай Марин

Nikolay Marin

OpenStack as a public cloud at IBM: lessons learned

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We are presenting lessons learned from creating a public cloud based on the OpenStack technology at IBM. We used Folsom and…


K Means Clustering Algorithm using Hadoop in Openstack

In today’s world the growth of rate of data is increasing tremendously. We need an efficient a system to process a large of set data with accurate and limited amount time having automation,…

Kamil Grabowski|Камил Грабовский

Kamil Grabowski

Extreme Interview. Hiring for agile environment

Download presentation I will share my experience in facilitating process of hiring new software developers using “Extreme Interview” methodology…

Igor Markov|Игорь Марков

Igor Markov

Face detection and classification on mobile devices

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I want to present:

  • A theory behind a face detection, age/gender classification and…
Semyon Grigorev|Семён Григорьев

Semyon Grigorev

Abstract parsing based on GLR-algorithm

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Perhaps all seen the product code, where large SQL queries, HTML pages, or even shaders DirectX HLSL are built from…

Vladimir Itsykson|Владимир Ицыксон

Vladimir Itsykson

Using meta-modelling to forecast software development project characteristics

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Applying forecasting principles when designing and creating commercial software can be considered as a modern software…

Jevgeni Kabanov

Jevgeni Kabanov

Static Analysis for Dynamic Updates

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We define and implement a method to analyze JVM compatible application archives to determine how the application evolved…

Iakov Kirilenko|Яков Кириленко

Iakov Kirilenko

In search of new tools to attract students

Download presentation Until recently, it was enough for companies to announce a competition, training, or joint project, and the best students…

Vladimir Zheleznyak|Владимир Железняк

Vladimir Zheleznyak

Midpoint people

Download presentation The loser? No, he is a good specialist. The winner, who solves almost all the tasks on time? No. Just worker, who gives a…

Olesya Voronovich|Олеся Воронович

Olesya Voronovich

Gherkin Language as an efficient way to write user story acceptance tests

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I am representing our company experience of implementing Gherkin Language syntax for creating user story acceptance…

Valentin Anoprenko|Валентин Анопренко

Valentin Anoprenko

Gauge for Programmer. Elaboration of software developers efficiency evaluation system.

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Possible approaches to evaluation of software developers efficiency – as well as efficiency of other creative job…

Olesya Chedleeva|Олеся Чедлеева

Olesya Chedleeva

Arranging online-sales of your product: travel guide passing repeated mistakes

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If you plan to sell your product online, or are selling already, very likely you will meet related technical or marketing…

Larisa Melikhova|Лариса Мелихова

Larisa Melikhova

Whose bread the analysts eat?

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What number of analysts is optimal for the project of user interface development? Is it possible to reduce costs if the…

Nikita Gundobin|Никита Гундобин

Nikita Gundobin

Constructing BPMN-models from Casual-nets

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Audience which uses BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) to model processes will find out how to discover BPMN-model…

Dmitry Vavilov|Дмитрий Вавилов

Dmitry Vavilov

Consumer Electronics Applications Without User Behavior Analysis? IMPOSSIBLE!

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User of the Modern Consumer Electronics (CE) shall manage the increasing number of Smart Home parameters or choose the…

Mikhail Druzhinin|Михаил Дружинин

Mikhail Druzhinin

Using Cloudify PaaS to accelerate application development

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Time to market and development cost reduction play an important role during application development. During the…

Vasiliy Kurkov|Василий Курков

Vasiliy Kurkov

How to adjust pre-commit testing using historical data

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I will demonstrate current processes in Intel compiler testing, the role and importance of pre-commit testing in the general…

Sergey Atroschenkov|Сергей Атрощенков

Sergey Atroschenkov

From theory to practical skills: one of the ways to develop professional

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I present my experience in education of the practical skills of programmers and testers, based on the 3-year-old…

Alexey Fyodorov|Алексей Фёдоров

Alexey Fyodorov

Java Platform Tradeoffs

Download presentation

As with any software, the Java Platform is existing and developing under tight restrictions. Therefore, Java platform…

Andrey Dmitriev

Andrey Dmitriev

Large cross-cultural project development under agile

Download presentation

How we’ve organized the development process across 7 agile teams in two geolocations on a long-lasting project with 4000+…

Alexey Pimenov|Алексей Пименов

Alexey Pimenov

It’s not the team…

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In the pursuit of performance, we fully focus on the optimization of the production teams. We use different management tools…

Sergey Shershakov|Сергей Шершаков

Sergey Shershakov

DPMine/P: modeling and process mining language and a ProM plug-in

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I will present a paper on a tool developed in PAIS Laboratory of the Higher School of Economics jointly with the…

Vadim Mityakin|Вадим Митякин

Vadim Mityakin

New architecture of mobile applications based on Xamarin technology with examples of Kommersant app for iOS and Android

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We will show new architecture of mobile applications based on Xamarin technology with examples of Kommersant app for iPad.…

Slava Vasilyev|Слава Васильев

Slava Vasilyev

Universal approach to monitoring of objects of any nature

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The universal monitoring technology provides to developers of monitoring applications the tool for declarative description…

Dmitry Soshnikov|Дмитрий Сошников

Dmitry Soshnikov

Using F# for Real-time Stream Data Processing: from Twitter and Financial Analytics to Kinect and Leap Motion Sensors

In this presentation we would show an approach to stream data processing, which is based on using functional programming and F#. We would cover several real-life examples – from twitter stream…

Natalia Smirnova|Наталия Смирнова

Natalia Smirnova

Intelligent Tutoring System “Volga”: Lessons Learned

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This report describes tutoring systems, which offer students to enter full solutions of the problems instead of completing…

Alexei Barantsev|Алексей Баранцев

Alexei Barantsev

Browser automation: from tools to the standard

Download presentation

I’m going to present the current status of of the W3C WebDriver standard, its implementations in various browsers, and…

Inna Yakimenko|Инна Якименко

Inna Yakimenko

Using Controlled Language in Technical Documentation

We will list the Controlled language guidelines used worldwide to increase readability in technical docs. We compare the Controlled language readability enhancements guidelines to those available…

Anna Mininkova|Анна Мининкова

Anna Mininkova

Helping teams become better

How it’s possible that one teams perform better and enjoy working on the product than others? Why people coding in the same room and on the same project don’t become a team with a wave of magiс…

Evgenia Firsova|Евгения Фирсова

Evgenia Firsova

Developer’s KPI

Download presentation Finding the right KPIs for perfomance measurement and bonus distribution is a common task. I’ll offer a simple and flexible…

Alexey Nazarov|Алексей Назаров

Alexey Nazarov

On the approaches to the assessment of the quality and safety of mobile content applications

I present the results of scientific studies on the evaluation of the guaranteed QoS for content services. Particular attention is given to the safety aspects of mobile applications. Application of…

Evgeny Vinogradov|Евгений Виноградов

Evgeny Vinogradov

Internal services as a product

Download presentation

I will discuss the development of company’s internal services. As internal treated services that is used by a company…

Igor Khapov|Игорь Хапов

Igor Khapov

NFC and Android OS: on the way to the contactless payments

Download presentation

We would like to share our experience on the development of the NFC-enabled application for contactless payments, and we’d…


Battle for the headache. UX vs Product Manager

In my report I’ll talk about intersection of “UX” and “Product Manager” team roles. About who these people are and what should they do. How to make sure that these people don’t interfere each…

Alexander Titov|Александр Титов

Alexander Titov

Dark and Light side of DevOps

Download presentation

I would like to share my vision of DevOps. From my point of view DevOps is about transfering sense between technical systems and people.

Sergey Egorov|Сергей Егоров

Sergey Egorov

Lock Manager for own products

Download presentation

Nowadays it is often needed to move software systems to a distributed environment. This article is devoted to creation and…

Denis Ivanov|Денис Иванов

Denis Ivanov

The practice of domain models usage in the development of software systems

We offer a software development method based on a construction of a domain model.

The method relies on an iterative approach, in which the “ideal” source code of a software system is…

Natalya Rukol|Наталья Руколь

Natalya Rukol

Quality designing

Download presentation

Many think that qualitative products are well-tested products. But the real quality arises on the initial stages of product…

Emma Danielyan|Эмма Даниелян

Emma Danielyan

Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Company with Distributed and Multidimensional Teams: How to Improve?

Download presentation

We present CQG experience in organizing and monitoring the software testing and quality assurance process within the…

Irina Maximova|Ирина Максимова

Irina Maximova

How to make data work on your business?

Download presentation

In this report I will share the knowledge and skills of the measurement discipline and relationship between dashboards and…

Nikita Efimov|Никита Ефимов

Nikita Efimov

Testing “tame beast”: tips & tricks for usability testing of mobile apps

Download presentation

In this report I will discuss the differences in usability testing of the “classic” (available on the PC / notebook) and…

Leonid Savchenkov|Леонид Савченков

Leonid Savchenkov

Total code review. How and why?

Download presentation

I will explain how audit requirement “all changes in code should be reviewed” for investment banking applications helped…

Vladimir Fofana|Владимир Фофана

Vladimir Fofana

Project manager’s professional responsibility

Download presentation

Presentation will tell about project manager’s professional responsibility.

Dmitry Kiryanov|Дмитрий Кирьянов

Dmitry Kiryanov

Experience in the organizing labs for e-learning courses

Download presentation

I will represent the experience in developing of laboratory works for remote rates on technical disciplines and, besides…

Damir Tenishev|Дамир Тенишев

Damir Tenishev

Effective meeting

Download presentation

The presentation considers the psychological aspects of meetings and ways to improve collaboration in the information…


A success story of porting a PC software for black oil development map visualization to iPad2

I would like to describe our experience in porting a PC software to iPad 2, successfully meeting iPad’s limitations on amount of RAM and CPU speed. The software is a solution for visualizing…

Michael Lebedinsky|Михаил Лебединский

Michael Lebedinsky

Migration of the ERP-system from client-server architecture to web and mobile applications (AIST in the Clouds)

Download presentation

This is the presentation of results of research and practical experience of migration of the self-designed ERP-system…

George Bardmesser|Юрий Бардмессер

George Bardmesser

Caution! Patent trolls! Theory, practice and a few examples

Download presentation

60% of all patent lawsuits in the United States today are filed by patent trolls. The software industry is particularly…

Natalia Sprogis|Наталия Спрогис

Natalia Sprogis

Effective use of UX-research

Download presentation

As a head of Mail.Ru UX Research Lab I’ve worked with various products on different stages of lifecycle. I’m going to tell…

Dmitriy Lavrinenko|Дмитрий Лавриненко

Dmitriy Lavrinenko

Experience of using Chef in highload projects with need to be autoscallable

Download presentation

Web-server choosing;
Setting up complex clusters of Mongo & ElasticSearch
Nuances of using Redis, NFS
Failover realisation

Dmitry Shishigin|Дмитрий Шишигин

Dmitry Shishigin

Development of AutoCAD application for calculation of grounding and lightning protection of electric power substations

Download presentation

We develop AutoCAD application for designing objects of electric power industry. Experts in COM technology might be…

Alexey Kostyushko|Алексей Костюшко

Alexey Kostyushko

Elite prep school organization: Students in the IT-company

Download presentation

  • Status quo: Parallels Corporate University Program
  • How to work with students?
  • How to balance…
Philip Torchinsky|Филипп Торчинский

Philip Torchinsky

Web developer and raw SQL: conflicts and approaches

Download presentation

Database in a back-end can affect web application performance significantly, however it happen web developers do not pay…

Lars Bendix|Ларс Бендикс

Lars Bendix

The Role of Configuration Management in Outsourcing and Distributed Development

Download presentation

Handling distributed development and outsourcing does not have to be all that difficult. Literature does indeed report many…

Alexandr Shalimov|Александр Шалимов

Alexandr Shalimov

Software defined networks: myths and reality

Download presentation

Software defined network (SDN) – a new concept of computer network management. SDN – is an approach to computer networking,…

Damir Tenishev|Дамир Тенишев

Damir Tenishev

Good enough software. When to stop?

Download presentation

How can one produce software in time, within budget, and resources? When is it reasonable to invest and when not? What software is good enough for both customer and supplier?

Pavel Korotkiy|Павел Короткий

Pavel Korotkiy

Microsoft Kinect as a driver of innovation interfaces for human-computer interaction

Download presentation

Imagine a world where artificial intelligence does know what human wants and knows how to react to his speech, gestures,…

Ruslan Martimov|Руслан Мартимов

Ruslan Martimov

The strategy of software development in R&D company

Download presentation

The report will discuss how:

  • Why do I need a clearly expressed strategy of development;
  • How to spring…

QReal:Robots — an environment for teaching computer science and robotics in schools

Download presentation

QReal:Robots tool is presented — a development environment for programming Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 and TRIK robotic…


Business processes engineering in the IT department of a large coupon service

Download presentation

This presentation gives an overview of top Russian and CIS deal-of-the-day service in years 2012-2013.

During this…

Nikolay Matsievsky|Николай Мациевский

Nikolay Matsievsky

Cloud website speedup: DNS, CDN, FEO

Download presentation

Cloud website speedup technology for PCs to tablets and smartphones – will be presented. The following stack of…

Roman Alyoshkin|Роман Алёшкин

Roman Alyoshkin

Using Wiki and Tracking system to deal with agile requirements (experience report)

Download presentation We started to addapt Scrum about a year ago and decided to use short 2 weeks interations. We have faced several problems in the…

Alexander Korshak|Александр Коршак

Alexander Korshak

Cross-platform mobile applications: typical issues and possible solutions

Download presentation

In the paper we’ll consider two main approaches to mobile apps cross-platform development: porting of native code from one…

Alexander Ivanenko|Александр Иваненко

Alexander Ivanenko

Video Conferencing on a Web Page: Technologies and Prospects

Download presentation

Nowadays integrated video and audio communication clients are highly demanded as integral part of web interfaces of a wide…


Video Calling System and Browser for I2P network

Download presentation

Video Calling System for I2P network is represented in this report. This technology is serverless. Some features of this system are considered.

Ekaterina Antakova|Екатерина Антакова

Ekaterina Antakova

Check, model and check again – three practical suggestions to improve parallel development cycle with Intel tools

Download presentation

The paper shows by example how Intel developer tools help to create parallel versions of serial applications. I’ll describe…

Vitaly Antonenko|Виталий Антоненко

Vitaly Antonenko

Modeling Malware Propagation in Wide Area Networks

Download presentation

I will share my experience in modeling Wide Area Netork (WAN) without use of physical infrastructure. Open-source system…


To combine tight releases schedule and high-quality testing. How?

Download presentation

It is never enough time and/or resources for high-quality testing in the busy release schedule. For real banking…

Aleksander Serbul|Александр Сербул

Aleksander Serbul

Startups in the Amazon Web Services – the subtleties, pitfalls, recipes

Download presentation

How to choose an effective architecture for a startup in the Amazon Web Services: from a small website to a scalable,…

Anatoly Konoplev|Анатолий Коноплев

Anatoly Konoplev

Creating WPF Controls

Download presentation

We review the steps of creating components library by using MS Visual Studio and MS Expression Blend. We investigate the…

Mikhail Ershov|Михаил Ершов

Mikhail Ershov

Migration of the project from .NET to PHP technology – practical experience and recommendations

Download presentation

In this presentation I will tell about our experience of existing project migration to completely new technology platform. I…

Vladimir Beloborodov|Владимир Белобородов

Vladimir Beloborodov

WebRTC: Call me from your browser!

Download presentation

The WebRTC technology is still in development these days. But very soon it may seriously change how we do our everyday…

Kirill Krinkin|Кирилл Кринкин

Kirill Krinkin

Lightweight Linux Dynamic Libraries Profiling Technique for Embedded Systems

Download presentation

The talk will contain discussion about lightweight approach for profiling shared objects (dynamic linking libraries) in…

Aleksey Kosylo|Алексей Косыло

Aleksey Kosylo

Development of hybrid mobile business applications: balance between native and HTML applications

I will try to dispel the myth about future of mobile applications as applications written in HTML and able to displace the native applications (written in initial language). At the same time I…

Andrey Gordienkov|Андрей Гордиенков

Andrey Gordienkov

Appling Principle of least astonishment to API development

Download presentation

The report reviews widespread concerns and difficulties during API development based on reallife examples. Number of…

Dmitriy Dzyuba|Дмитрий Дзюба

Dmitriy Dzyuba

Complex system design without conflict

Download presentation

We are going to talk about cases when you need to create a large complex system with large geographically distributes team.…

Igor Kleiner|Игорь Клейнер

Igor Kleiner

Changing for good. Transtheoretical model for developers

Download presentation

The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change assesses an individual’s readiness to act on a new behavior.


Andrey Smirnov|Андрей Смирнов

Andrey Smirnov

Distributed NoSQL DBMS “Riak”

Download presentation

This report considers the “Riak” DBMS, its application areas, advantages and disadvantages compared to other classic and…

Nadezhda Evstifeeva|Надежда Евстифеева

Nadezhda Evstifeeva

Quality Audit in SCRUM-project or Continuous Improvement of Continuous Integration

Download presentation

In our presentation we will talk about our experience of implementing quality audit in a process of continuous…

Yury Kupriyanov|Юрий Куприянов

Yury Kupriyanov

Modern challenges in software engineering education in Russia

Download presentation In 2012-2013 software engineering education in Russia faced worldwide trends and challenges, such as MOOCs, SEMAT initiative…

Lilia Gorbachik|Лилия Горбачик

Lilia Gorbachik

Developers vs Support. No! Developers & Support.

Download presentation

I would like to to share my experience in area of development and support communication, provide the tool that make…

Inna Smirnova|Инна Смирнова

Inna Smirnova

Enchancing the team work effectiveness for the QA engineers

Download presentation

In my report I would like to describe simple methodics to enhance the effectiveness of team members collaboration. Those…

Leonid Netrebskiy|Леонид Нетребский

Leonid Netrebskiy

Project temperature or thermometer usage

Download presentation

There is a wonderful project management tool – a project metrics. In case when we measure technical indicators there are…

Vladimir Zavertaylov|Владимир Завертайлов

Vladimir Zavertaylov

3 practice of creative thinking in the development of user interfaces (UI)

In the report the creative techniques “Visual Brief,” “The method of Walt Disney” and “SCAMPER”, and the application of these techniques to design user interfaces and design software (web-systems…

Denis Silakov|Денис Силаков

Denis Silakov

Automating maintenance of Linux software repositories

Download presentation

The talk is devoted to automation of resource-consuming but routine tasks performed by Linux software developers who need to…

Arseny Tarasov|Арсений Тарасов

Arseny Tarasov

Transition from selling perpetual licences to subscriptions

Change of the business model requires transformation of all aspects of business: from org.structure and compensation methods to channel partner program and global marketing/PR. In the presentation…

Sergey Vasiliev|Сергей Васильев

Sergey Vasiliev

User Agreement / Mistakes and Pitfalls

Download presentation

The report describes the approaches to the preparation of the installation of user agreements that are used for…

Maxim Gvozdev|Максим Гвоздев

Maxim Gvozdev

Satisfied Customer of IT solution. The Aim and the Pathway.

Download presentation

Participants will aquire knowledge how their Customers can be led to ‘satisfied’ feeling. This is the feeling when Customer…

Michail Radchenko|Михаил Радченко

Michail Radchenko

Patenting interface of a mobile application

Download presentation

Report is devoted to analysis of foreign patenting practices interfaces for mobile applications.

– What can…

Alexander Legalov|Александр Легалов

Alexander Legalov

Evolutionary development of software using the procedural-parametric programming

Download presentation

The report examines the methods of evolutionary software development with using of the procedural-parametrical programming…

Avi Itzkovitch|Ави Ицкович

Avi Itzkovitch

Designing with Sensors: Creating Adaptive Experiences

How do we utilize sensor and user data to create experiences in the digital world? We all know that smart devices have sensors, but how can we use this as a resource to acquire information about…

Ilya Vereschagin|Илья Верещагин

Ilya Vereschagin

Native software testing for Android

Download presentation

This presentation will review the basic methods and approaches of software testing for the Android OS. This presentation…

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Итоги SECR 2013

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  • Thanks to the organizers for a great event. There were many interesting presentations, lively discussions and bright personalities. In particular we noticed a close connection between generations and unexpectedly large common ground between academia and practitioners.

    Alexander Spiridonov
    Head of software testing and maintenance

  • I truly enjoyed speaking at SECR. The hospitality given to the speakers was exceptional and the conference was very well run. I am looking forward to returning soon!

    Mark Lines
    Managing Partner
    Scott W. Ambler + Associates

  • As a speaker I really liked the conference organization — everything was quick and exactly as was agreed. As a participant I really enjoyed the conference program. Sometimes due to two or even three interesting reports in parallel tracks, it was almost impossible to make a choice, but I think it is a good thing for a conference.

    Maxim Dorofeev
    Managing partner

  • Thank you for letting me participate in such a great experience. I really enjoyed all presentations I have attended. Great speakers and vast diversity of talks let me learn so much in such a short time.

    Kamil Grabowski
    Software Developer
    Menlo Innovations

  • The SECR-2011 conference pleasantly surprised with the quite uncommon for scientific forums mix of intelligence and creativity, highly informative reports, participants’ real interest in learning, and all this with an excellent organizational support. Many thanks to the organizers who took care about all the details, which made participation in the conference pleasant, interesting and very useful.

    Dr.Yuri Karpov
    SPbSTU (Polytech)

  • I was very impressed with the Software Engineering Conference Russia. In part, this was due to the hard work of the organizers and sponsors of the conference. And in part, the success of the conference was a result of the desire of Russian software professionals to network, learn, and advance the state-of-the-practice. This is a hallmark of our emerging discipline: the professionalization of software engineering. The enthusiasm of the attendees and speakers at SECR was notable. All who were associated with the conference are to be congratulated.

    Mark Paulk
    Carnegie Mellon researcher
    CMM co-author

  • SECR was a remarkable event, in a number of ways. The quality and breadth both of the presenters and attendees made this a world-class conference on software engineering of great value to academics and practitioners alike. It was particularly useful and rewarding for those of us coming from abroad to learn something about Russia today and the state of the Russian software industry. It is an impressive and growing community that will only increase in importance in years to come.

    Michael Cusumano
    MIT Sloan

  • The conference program always keeps focus on important aspects of state-of-the-art software engineering technologies, and provides a unique opportunity and ground to meet in person with world-known gurus in software engineering. I would like to highlight the excellent atmosphere of SECR that enables fascinating discussions and practical experience exchange with colleagues from leading IT companies. Participants of the conference have become good friends, and the conference itself can be considered an annual meeting of Software Engineering Club members.

    Alexander Babkin
    Manager of Quality Engineering team
    Motorola Mobility St. Petersburg

  • I am always delighted to participate in SECR. On the one hand, the conference attracts me by really work atmosphere and environment, by a big number of speakers whom are interesting to hear, and on the other hand, by numerous round tables devoted to various problems which seem to be really vital to the major part of participants. I am really pleased with the informal atmosphere which always predominates on the sessions themselves as well as in the lobby talks within the backroom space. All these actions are usually held on a very high professional level. It is also great that in spite of purely engineering scope of the conference many other topics related to the software engineering are also discussed here, such as human resources and training in IT companies, IP protection etc. No doubts, that SECR is considered to be a world-class conference and comprehensively reflects the status of IT industry in Russia as well as development trends in the world.

    Vyacheslav Nesterov
    General Manager of the Software Development Center
    EMC Russia

  • The conference was very well organized! All information was available on the website in advance. The leading experts and interesting speakers were invited from Russia and around the world. Selected presentations were relevant and informative. The round tables devoted to innovations, investment, forecasts for the future were very interesting. Many thanks to the organizers!

    Evgeny Philippov
    Director, CIS
    Exigen Services

  • I was privileged to speak at CEE-SECR in 2011 to a large group of Russian software experts on the future of Scrum. It is inspiring to see how over the last few years, Scrum has taken hold and is truly transforming the culture of the Russian software industry. This process is driven in large part by the drive and dedication of leaders like the organizers of the CEE-SECR event to make the most advanced knowledge and best practices available to their fellow software professionals. It is professionally gratifying to be a part of this effort.

    Jeff Sutherland
    Scrum Inc.

  • CEE-SECR is different from other conferences: successful smiling friendly people give the impression that I was on another planet; The conference is well organized and comfortable for participants, there was a speakers’ room, WiFi, space for discussions with a board and a screen. A pleasant fact for me was that at the last moment, when I was about to leave on a plane one of the participants told me he was going to SECR for only 2 reports, one of which is mine.

    Boris Shteinberg
    Southern Federal University (Russian Federation)

  • At the last year’s event, we heard from Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-inventor of Scrum, that his company Scrum Inc. was launching a new Scrum capability assessment methodology. Since it is always extremely valuable to learn from the best, we decided to undergo the assessment, and as a result First Line became the first software firm in the world to be awarded an official Scrum Capability Rating by Scrum Inc.

    Alexander Pozdniakov
    First Line Software

  • SECR is an impressive conference: it covers a broad range of computer science topics, has engaged and excited speakers and attendees, is well organized, and generally a lot of fun to attend. It’s a great place to learn about new topics and meet experts in the field.

    Chris Lattner
    Founder and chief architect

  • Thumbs up for the organizers of the SECR conference. The event was extremely well organized and managed, and I derived enormous satisfaction from meeting up with very interesting people and making lots of extremely useful contacts among the Software Engineering professionals. Keep up the good job!

    Tatiana Danielyan
    Deputy Director of Linguistic Product Department

  • CEE-SEC(R) goes from strength to strength, year to year. Each year larger, and more important, better: better papers, better speakers, even a better venue! The Object Management Group is proud to participate, and I personally tremendously enjoyed my participation and look forward to 2013. This is one of the best software engineering events in Eastern Europe – and perhaps the world.

    Richard Soley
    Chairman and CEO
    Object Management Group

  • Thank you for all the excellent arrangements you made for my participation in CEE SEC[R]. The conference was very well managed.

    Dr. Bill Curtis
    Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist
    Cast Software

  • It was nice being back in Moscow and at CEE-SECR. It is a very well organized conference you have, quite different in scope from the normal “western” conferences I attend — and I mean that positively. There is a more practitioner approach, but still some academic touch. And you seem to have a very enthusiastic — and growing — audience attending. So you must be on the right track.

    Lars Bendix
    Associate professor
    Lund University, Sweden